Diving for Dollars

Is it possible that Democrats nominated the weakest possible candidates for president and vice president because they don't want to win this election? If you have ever taken over a failing project, you know it's not the best assignment you can get in the way of a job. There's little doubt that today's USA is a failing project, and that's what's facing the person who will take office in January. Crats may not want to take the blame for what seems to be in our immediate future.

It's been a gradual process, the failure, spanning several presidential administrations and a string of ineffectual congresses, but it's accelerated under Trump. If there's a cure for a failed state like ours, nobody's saying what it might be. In this sea of trouble, inundation seems inevitable, and it won't make much difference which crime family wins the election. Promises to restore dignity to the office probably won't stem the tide, and such promises are not likely to get anybody elected either. Circumstances suggest Democrats are in the process of taking a dive.

It's not just damage to the economy and impairment of the social contract that are chilling the Crats. What's also certain to happen if Biden moves into the White House is the disappearance of Donald J. Trump. You may have noticed, over the past three and a half years, the constant appeals for money to oppose, undermine, subvert and finally defeat Donald Trump and his movement. Nobody is publishing figures, but the take must be huge. That money stream is going dry up. People who have made a lucrative career out of opposing Trump and his minions are going to be out of work.

Sure there will be new enemies, but nobody's going to generate the volume of hatred and revulsion that Trump has, and that's going to cost some people plenty. That's not to suggest they haven't earned an accounting. Crats tell us we have to decide which candidate or which party we hate less and vote accordingly. Some of us will be asking which side hates us less, "us" being the crowd that demands an end to corrupt authority in the form of war and injustice. Trump's people hate us, but Biden's hate us even more. They claim a strand of moral high ground, but they have, over and over again, swamped the forces of decency (if any are left) within their own organization.

It's not a sure thing that Biden and his handlers will improve on the Trump team's abject failure. They have no plan for peacemaking in Asia or anywhere else. They have no plan for health care. They have no plan for fossil fuels. They have no plan for material inequality. They have no plan. With failure looming, they have no plan. On the contrary, when they say anything about how they will govern, they say things will stay pretty much the same. That's welcome news for the people who are making money off this scheme. Crats will try to make the election look like a contest, but the corrupt political manipulators who manage this industry will do everything they can to see that they continue to benefit from it. The fix is in.

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