It's not your grandpa's Democratic party. It's a well-financed machine, professionally administered to ensure the future of rich people the world over (along with the right to an abortion and the right to marry someone of the same sex). Among the policies the Democratic party has long endorsed and still endorses:

Permanent State of War: Teaming up with Republicans when necessary, Democrats in Congress continue to support obscene spending on weapons and warfare. The nation's enemies list is not likely to change when they assume power, and there is no reason to anticipate any interruption in the killing of dark-skinned foreigners. Our leaders’ self-aggrandizement is so complete that they believe kids in uniform are willingly killing and dying to glorify them. It's sick, and it's corrupt.

Naturecide: Corrupt authority in both parties will see to it that the nation's policy toward the natural environment will continue to avoid inconvenience to rich people. If the rest of us ever managed to reduce fuel-burning, animal agriculture, war, waste, or other polluting activities, at least some of the economic burden of change would fall on rich people. Instead of the huge accretions to wealth they now enjoy, they might have to settle for a little less. That would be upsetting to everyone, and so Democrats will most likely withhold serious changes, for now.

Private Health Insurance: Corrupt authority in the Democratic party is resistant to single-payer health care for Americans. Health care is likely to continue to be a for-profit venture, with insurance companies claiming the major part of the proceeds. It looks as if citizens will still have to shop for coverage and take what's offered at a price dictated by predators. Illness-related bankruptcies will continue, and people will continue to die for lack of sufficient health insurance.

Imperial Presidency: Democrats blew the chance to rein in corrupt executive authority. The prosecution of the open-and-shut case against Donald Trump was some of the worst lawyering ever seen in public, and the utter capitulation of the accusers, with no follow-ups for co-conspirators and facilitators and no protections for cooperating witnesses, was shocking. They threw the fight. They proved unwilling to risk the exalted status of the office of president, which has been above the law for quite some time. For corrupt authority, regardless of politics, it's convenient to have a lawless chief executive.

Homeland Security: Democrats conspired with Republicans years ago to create a homeland from what was once a republic, and they have no plans to reform that ill-fated experiment. They degraded the Immigration and Naturalization Service in favor of a general enforcement bureau that imprisons thousands of men, women and children in for-profit concentration camps. They merged independent law enforcement agencies into a framework for martial law. They count hundreds of thousands of terrorist suspects walking among us. Their agents appear in airports and railway terminals in camouflage fatigues and armed with assault rifles. They can challenge you for papers at any time, jail you without charges and torture you in custody, and you have no legal recourse. These abuses are never mentioned by Democrats, and they will continue, regardless of the party in control.

State Religion: The judeo-christian character of our government is no longer a matter of controversy. Democrats trumpet their "faith" during every election, repudiating all other religions, and they declare their loyalty to Israel in the clearest possible terms. The two parties compete for popularity among a tiny minority of rich Americans with a birthright in Israel.

Corporate Welfare: Corrupt authority in both political parties manages time after time to effect huge transfers of taxpayer dollars to private business. Voters are under no illusion about these payments. We know that they will continue no matter which party rules.

Self-satisfaction: Democrats will be giving themselves a hand for electing as president a thoroughly unprincipled self-dealer who could never win that office but for the unpopularity of his opponent. He seems a man who can be molded to accommodate the owners of the country. Much like his predecessors.

Many seem unwilling to give Democrats a chance to prove the skeptics wrong, but that could be mere posturing. I heard one Democrat say, in defense, "Biden will become president, and then we'll take to the streets." 'Crat logic. The forces of reason have been burned so many times by the phony humanism of corrupt Democrats that we distrust party leaders implicitly. The burden of persuasion seems to be on the self-proclaimed change agents, as they bask in reluctant support with expressions of self-congratulation that make them sound a lot like the other party.

(This bit of invective is part of Corrupt Authority, a short book I just published on Amazon. It's a concise distillation of malfeasance in politics, business and the mass media. Five dollars.)