Iowa Debris

Contrary to the neojournalistic consensus, the digital recording of 250,000 votes from a few thousand voting districts is not complicated or difficult. A trained tenth-grader could, in short order, devise and test a program to record and report Iowa caucus data reliably and promptly. The delay in reporting the numbers is not the result of technological failure but rather of deliberate sabotage, probably baked into the processing application to deal with a Sanders plurality. Early sampling predicting a Sanders win could trigger the data entry interface to shut down and disable the emergency phone reporting utility. It's the simplest and most plausible explanation for Monday's "debacle," to use the misleading metaphor of journalese, the universal language of our esteemed and unanimous free press.

There's irony in the Iowa scam. Just as Crats were wrapping up their case of election tampering against the Pubs and their president, they got caught rigging an election themselves. The embedded mass media are treating the discredited caucus as an episode of "botching," but voters must know better by now than to trust that corrupt institution, which routinely dispenses gossip, government disinformation and paid promotions as news. People who cast a vote in Iowa on Monday, not to mention those across the country who threw a few bucks into Sanders' campaign treasury, are smelling the same stink that arose from the Crats' nominating process four years ago. This was not error or malfunction or glitch, but crime, and it wasn't Putin who did it.

If you wanted to lose another election, you couldn't do better than the Clinton/Schumer/Pelosi party has done. Bring out a team of lightweights to prosecute the incumbent over misconduct that looks like routine political manipulation to most Americans. Don't go after him for war crimes or self-enrichment, and don't pick your best lawyers to make the case. To ensure failure, populate your prosecution team with a couple of members who refused, the last time they had the chance, to hold a president of their own party accountable for documented abuses of power. Top it all off by hiring a Clinton/Schumer/Pelosi company to count votes in Iowa in February, so that you can nominate your weakest candidate to run against the Antichrist in November.

If I were advising Sanders, I'd suggest that he put some distance between himself and the party of Pelosi. He has enough volunteers and money to launch an independent campaign, and he'll be taking a huge risk if he doesn't do that. Democrats are tainted, and most people seem to be finding it difficult to decide who's worse, Trump or his neighbor Schumer. On issues of war and peace, social justice, and maldistribution of wealth, Crats and Pubs are on the same side, and it ain't close to where the Sanders crowd stands. Sanders' association with this political party will cause some of that crowd--critics of both political parties--to peel off, and that will be the end of Sanders.

As I wrote four years ago, "his offer has been to lead a revolution, a task that he and only he is qualified to undertake. With the possible exception of George Washington, no other person has ever risen to power in the USA along the path he's followed, strictly on strength of character . . . He has been selling social justice throughout his adult life, and he has built a political movement around an agenda that, 60 years ago, could have landed him in prison as a Communist. Courage of conviction doesn't often get a candidate elected, but he's used it to win elections against Republicans and Democrats combined, the only senator who can claim that distinction. He has stood alone, on principle, time and time again. Struggling against the political tide is widely considered a disqualification for high office, but Sanders has somehow managed to overcome conventional wisdom. Nobody has won tougher elections than Sanders, and, in living memory, none has done it by dedication to social justice . . . (T)he USA is not likely to get an opportunity like this again: a principled social justice advocate who knows how to win elections steps forward to lead." Can he win election as a Democrat? Maybe not.