Is there a lawyer in the house?

If there exists among Federal prosecutors or judicial authorities a person with a commitment to the rule of law, somebody out there will put together an indictment against Donald Trump and others on the charges detailed by the House of Representatives in its impeachment proceedings. He and some high-ranking officials in our government conspired to commit bribery and extortion, federal crimes that earn long prison sentences. They also obstructed justice by defying duly issued summonses to testify. The case against them is open-and-shut. They are subject to removal from office, but the body with the power to remove them is controlled by the miscreants' own political allies. The case screams for a prosecuting attorney or judicial intervention.

There is an impediment to Trump's prosecution, in the form of a justice department policy prohibiting the indictment of a sitting president. There is no statutory or constitutional basis for this prohibition. On the contrary, the canon that no person is above the law renders it null and void. It's never been tested in court, and there's never been a better time to challenge it. As for Trump's acolytes, they have no privilege, and yet we hear nothing from pundits, politicians or prosecutors about their criminal liability. Current events suggest that the political branches and their mouthpieces in the mass media are so disabled by their own corruption that they can't hold these thugs accountable, but that doesn't give anybody a license to walk.