No Big Deal

August 13, 2019

News hounds, if there are any left in commercial journalism, must be straining the leash to follow the trail left by the Epstein suicide. Because Epstein stopped existing while in police custody, the public may not trust law enforcement authorities with his case, leaving the mass media to investigate the professional pedophile's network of important and influential people. You might think a news story like this, with celebrities, sexual misconduct, blackmail, obscene wealth, espionage, and murder, would send reporters into a feeding frenzy.

You might think that, but you would be wrong. Having cleansed their ranks of reporters who refused to repeat that three buildings fell down in New York City because two got hit by airplanes, the media are left with a gaggle of idiots. Unwilling to put their high salaries at risk, the remains of the mass media are handling this story with the greatest caution. They thought they'd buried the Epstein/Trump/Maxwell/Clinton/Dershowitz saga eleven years ago. No celebrities were hurt then, and it looks like they're going to remain standing once again, with the principal connection they shared safely stashed in a box

It's not just famous rich people who were put at risk. The story that seemed to be shaping up, fitting neatly with everything we've learned so far, featured a blackmail-generating "honey trap," offering teenaged hookers to high-status gentlemen and operated by espionage agents of a foreign government, namely Israel, with which Epstein, Maxwell, Clinton and Dershowitz all had close ties. The threat of exposure was used to influence public policy decisions. You'd have to be a rabid anti-Semite to publish something like that, and anti-Semites are not welcome in the embedded mass media, so this chapter of the story will be buried with Jeffrey's corpse.

We used to be surprised when our leaders turned out to be crooks, but now we take it for granted that they're corrupt, suspecting that they may be recruited for their sociopathic skills. What we may not realize is that they're vetted for blackmailability before they can attract their first campaign contribution. This explains some of the bizarre positions they take on issues like war and inequality.

Trump turned out to be a bust for the blackmailers because everybody already knew he was a crook when he declared his candidacy. Half his support came from people who wanted a racketeer in the White House, and other half came from people who thought Trump's opponent was even more corrupt than he is. The only question in the case of corrupt public officials like the Epstein entourage is whether they're more corrupt than the news-mongers who are supposed to unmask them.

Don't hold your breath waiting to find out what Epstein and company really did or what really happened to him. What you'll get instead is a choice of narratives, ranging from the one promoted by the mass media, that he strangled himself in his jail cell when nobody was looking, to the one that has him living in luxury in Tel Aviv with a new, improved identity. Rule of thumb: select the narrative that differs most from whatever NPR is peddling.