What a Fool Believes

If news-mongers were disposed to report fairly, they might mention that pedophilia among Catholic priests is not a “worldwide crisis” for Catholics but a rare perversion that affects fewer than one out of every hundred priests. I’d be surprised to find a lower incidence of sexual predation among news-editors, reporters, and others employed by the mass media. Journalists wonder aloud how anybody can call hinself a Catholic with this epidemic of pedophilia that’s been going around. I wonder aloud how anybody can call himself a journalist with all the needless misery that arrogant profession has inflicted. 

I may not be alone in the opinion that the motive behind the universal repudiation of the Catholic clergy by the news media is to mount a personal attack on the Pope, who has publicly criticized the USA, its leaders and the rich capitalists that exploit the world’s hapless populace. Among the boundless assets of the rich are the very mass media that warn us incessantly against socialists and other disseminators of suspect political messages. People like the Pope. And British Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is accused by his country’s mass media of anti-Semitism because of his support for Palestinian rights. And Senator Bernard Sanders, who claims to be an actual socialist.

We have no way of knowing whether the news media’s onslaught of attacks on designated enemies like the Pope gets any traction among the people who are forced to consume this crap as news. The  last big public opinion poll they gave us had Trump losing the 2016.