ArtAround the West End
Featured Artists

Confirmed artists as of September 2:

Linn Bae - oil painting
Carole Bascetta – ceramic sculpture
JoAnne Bauer – assemblages, encaustics, manipulated photography, poetry
Noel G. Coonce-Ewing - assemblage art, oil paintings
Madeline Donahue - paintings on canvas & panel, screen prints on paper
Steve Fournier – watercolor
Bill Healy – oil painting
Georges S. Annan-Kingsley – painting, sculpture
Roxann Poppe Leibenhaut – oil, Representational
Chris London – sculpture, masks
Thomas McCabe - paintings, cartoons
John Murphy – oil painting
Mo Myra – watercolor
Elizabeth (Betsy) Raphael – stone sculpture
Alexis Rathbun – jewelry
Nan Runde – oil and and egg tempera painting, lithographic crayon drawing
Laura Spero – photography, writing
Cara Stimmel-Agins - Steampunk vibe jewelry/accessories, limited edition vintage assemblage
Patricia Tillman - sculpture
Peter Upton – oil painting, abstract
Elizabeth Vitale – mixed media
Robert Louis Wilgoski – oil painting

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